Artificial intelligence enabled

Enterprise clinical informatics platform

Our vision to build the best-in-class healthtech infrastructure as the engine to power a state-of-the-art healthcare delivery ecosystem.
Now is the time we will use applied AI to change the discussion to the delivery of care not the documenting of care.

Aplacare is an emerging healthtech solutions company with an innovative AI-enabled enterprise clinical informatics platform.

We meet the challenges of providing value-based care using AI, data science, and workflow automation to deliver intelligent, patient-specific information at the point of care.

Data Science

Intuitive and actionable data that achieve precision medicine, helping to tailor treatments to patients and the creation of learning heath systems, helping to predict outcomes and identifying specific areas for improvement. Improve care, reduce costs, and expand access.

Enterprise AI

The engine and fuel that drive  interoperability, automation, data quality, and timeliness in healthcare. Using AI cognitive techniques, creating a “smart health record” for each patient. Our real-time AI network drives intelligent automation – orchestration – of care delivery.  The engine powers a robust, secure, stable, & built-to-scale framework for optimized care.

Workflow Optimization

Optimization increases quality of care and controls costs. Enable the achievement of Value-Based Care (VBC) model driven healthcare delivery. We employ intelligent automation - a combination of AI and workflow orchestration. This keeps a care plan moving along, determines best choices in real time and determines solutions when progress becomes blocked.


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