What we do

Aplacare’s cloud AI platform reduces cost and improves quality of care. These results are achieved by: predicting & detecting each patient’s unique needs throughout the continuum of care, improving patient interaction, and providing outcomes-based, real-time decision support to providers. No additional personnel or changes to providers’ current health IT are required. Our AI tools keep the plan of care on course by inserting AI into every possible workflow. Our AI-enabled logic instantly changes, learns and adapts to variations in the cycle of care as well as integrating lifestyle and behavioral health into the care predictions.

Our History




Aplacare came from founder Andy Liwen’s own journey as a leader of healthcare change and technological innovation as well as a father whose daughter battled with a hereditary immune disorder.

In 2009-2010, Andy led Cisco's Smart and Connected Community (S+CC) in Holyoke, MA to recreate its healthcare delivery model. His success resulted in many healthcare improvements, including increased prenatal care for at-risk mothers, and cost reduction in some areas by 50%. Andy created Aplacare to bring the successes of Holyoke to patients all over the nation.

Our Vision

Our vision to build the best-in-class healthtech infrastructure as the engine to power a state-of-the-art healthcare delivery ecosystem.

The deployment of AI is projected to grow dramatically. The prognosis is that … providers, (and) caregivers will eventually come together to improve overall healthcare… When this happens, AI will be a key driver of “connected healthcare,” addressing patient needs end-to-end…
— HealthDataManagement.com, Michael Breggar, June 9, 2017

What We've Achieved

  • Intelligent personalized health record
  • Integrated behavioral health
  • Borderless care team support
  • Collaborative, smart care plans
  • Actuarial outcomes predictions
  • Provider mobilization tools for VBC
  • Location and time based awareness
  • Real time data science models
  • Referrals and complex patients
  • Automated, NLP voice control
  • Top of license, workforce management
  • Real time predictive alert
  • Personalize user experience
  • Patient self-care tools
  • Full patient story for all providers
  • Orchestration of clinical functions

Read about us in the Navidar analyst report. We were featured as a SaaS ML (machine learning) startup. ML is a form of artificial intelligence which we use to provide process automation.

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